Jul 13, 2009

A Conversation part boids

paul hatebirds
Paul: naw neraba
me: admit it
you allow the birds of hate to wrap their feathery wings about my person
Paul: naw i swat at dem birds
me: You like it
Paul: i allow it sometimes
me: you feed them corn and watch them peck at my neck and spine
you confound me with your allowances
the constancy of your hatred
the welcoming of hatebirds
Paul: i did buy a couple bags of corn
it was summertime
me: the birds linger at my work
at my door
they cackle and caw as I try to sleep
their birdsongs of hate ringing in my now-weary ears
and you encourage
you encourage them
with your corn and soft cooing toward your open windows
Paul: i seen these birds with the pretty lookin wings
so i said aight
me: their wings beat about my person liberally as they bleat out their horrific hate
it's maddening I tell you
the feathers drop onto my body from overhead
Paul: i seen these birds at the pet store
they were on special
me: like soft rain
Paul: i said why not get a few
me: they hover over me like cumulonimbus
spraying their feces over my blankets
their hate, so real
Paul: birds don't do that
geese maybe
me: it's enough to make a grown jarf lose his mind
Paul: i'm looking into buying some hategeese
Paul: the farmer down route 401 way says he can make me a suitable offer

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