Aug 26, 2009

A Conversation: Snopy's Minor Works


Paul: he make me heh heh

me: snopy's iron lung wasn't even enough anymore as his family wept by his broken down body

Paul: snopy slipped the earrings into her hand as the metro pulled into the station. "keep them," he said. "i'll just lose them in combat"

me: snopy sat with his family for his first christmas since the divorce; the empty chair where his wife used to sit may as well have been the ocean

Paul: snopy drove through the silent thanksgiving morning, down the quiet lanes, onto the empty boulevard, right through the plate glass of the empty darkened liquor store

me: Unfortunately for us, snopy making us heh heh was our undoing as the Germans followed the sound of melodious-cum-stifled laughter right to our attic hiding spot

Paul: too soon

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Cum stifled. That could be AWESOMECOCK!!'s first album name. Or we could just enjoy it for what it is: Beautiful.