Oct 7, 2009

They All Came and It was Glorious

OK, so I haven't been around in awhile. But now, there's this: 10listens

And the EP for beards is almost done.

And my book is coming out on October 27th.

And I was hit in the face with 10 pies.

Jarf Gets a Birthday Pie in the Face from Colin Guthrie on Vimeo.

Been busy kids. Too busy for even SNOPY to understand.

So enjoy some new ish, rehash the old and I'll be back with more absurdity soon enough.



Michael5000 said...

Snopy is never able to regain the self of worth and meaning he had felt for those few months when he was popular on Insigniatic Cancer. He spends more and more time in his dank studio apartment, obsessing over what he must have done wrong. By the time the end comes, the neighbors haven't seen him leave his room for weeks. He is found emaciated, face down on the kitchen table; the autopsy suggests that his last meal was a bottle of ketchup, washed down with white vinegar. Ironically, an entire case of dog biscuits is found in the kitchen cupboards.

Business or Leisure? said...

RIP Snopy