Nov 11, 2009


me: lemme tell ya paul
I really want a burger and a beer
Palubat: you should get those then
me: burger and brew in wilmington NC was one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life
Palubat: gime brager
me: and then they closed down in 2004
and they reopened later under new management
but it wasn't the same
really just a regular burger after that
not nearly as awesome as it used to be
ain't that the way it always goes, though?
you find something great, it is destroyed.
Palubat: right
me: For every beautiful discovery, there is an underlying destruction awaiting it
It's painful to bear the cross, Paul
yet strangely gratifying
you know?
Palubat: right
me: I mean, I miss burger and brew, or BBs as my friends and I affectionately called it
but I know that it was time for it to go
like when my dog died
I loved that song
that bjork sang
why did she sing in English so much?
Back to my point: nothing gold can stay Paul
Palubat: i think i have a mosquito bite on my tallywacker
me: you gotta love the one your with and all that
Palubat: right

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