Jan 6, 2010


me: gime
gime drinsk
with some rominute pls
lightly greased
Palubat: the rominute is all sold out
we have none left
me: fucking cocksucker
Palubat: excuse me sir?
me: I said lucky rock splitters
they got the last ones-- over at the table near the window
I'll have the frimpkimn
and gime drinsk
Palubat: here's drinsk
me: oh good
Palubat: for the frimpkimn, i'm afraid we have no more frosting
me: bitch-mouthed fools
Palubat: say what now?
me: I was commenting on how the ditches in the south pool
with water
in the rain
I was watching history channel programming before I came.
I'll have a plate of retsinos.
Stuffed with gritorma cheese.
Palubat: i'm afraid we're unable to serve you
me: well isn't that nifty
you dickfucking immigrant

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