Apr 1, 2010

A Conversation part DONGTRONIX

me: I'm going to start calling my buddy John Dongtronix.
Dongtronix for short.
Palubat: dongtronics have come a long way since the early 1970s
my friend and i tried to incorporate our own company called Doggy Dildonics Inc. in 12th grade
but his mom wouldn't help us (she was a corporate lawyer)
she mean
you mean
me: nah
I think dongtronix have a long way to go
in this, the modern technological age, knowing what makes good dongtronix is a road to redemption for corporate mistakes in the 60s-80s.
Palubat: yes
rod to redemption
me: Not to mention the dontriligical scandal of the 90s.
Palubat: well, dongologically speaking, we're still in the dark ages
me: exactly
let's make strides toward destroying dongophilia once and for all
Palubat: well if the dongpublicans have their way in the senate, we just might
me: JP Donghaver is my vote for comptroller
Palubat: donghaver is good but i really worry about his involvement in dongergate
me: framed
he was a patsy
that was not his fleshlight
he's down for dong rights
Palubat: tell it to the dongocrats
they're practically hanging him out to try
me: wow
we've lost our minds
Palubat: i've been thinking about the feasibility of voluntary commitment

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