May 19, 2010

A Conversation: ICED STYLE

me: OK, so ICE rules clarified by an ice council I formed.
Palubat: let's hear it
me: Ice block means a reversal. The blocker forces the blockee to drink the more disgusting ice of the two
Palubat: ok
what of the remaining ice
me: HOWEVER, the ice now in the blockee's hand
is now futile for blocking
it has served its purpose
and can only be used to ICE a bro
Palubat: but can the blockee then just ice the blocker?
me: If he has another ice, yes.
Palubat: wait so the less disgusting ice remains with the blocker
me: yes
but cannot be used to block
Palubat: so hypothetical scenario:
you ice me, i block it. you have to drink the worse of the two ices. i then still have an ice, but it can only be used to ice bros, not to block. what stops me from just icing you again?
me: nothing
you can twice, but it's a super dick move
a bro worth his weight in ICE would not twice a bro one right after another
Palubat: so essentially, during an ice block, the icer must drink both the icing ice and the blocking ice, worst case scenario. but the couth method in most circles would be only to subject the blockee to the worst of the ice, leaving the blocker a sense of pride and agility and an ICE to take on his merry way to ice other bros, but not to block with.
me: exactly
question two: blocking of a strategically placed ICE
or "hidden ice"
hidden ice block is possible (as we have witnessed before)
Palubat: it requires trust among all parties
me: of course
however, the blocked ice must then be "re-hidden" with a note informing the iced that it has been re-hidden
Palubat: ah i like it
me: then, the newly iced party knows that the re-hidden ice cannot be blocked again and he must drink the ice
Palubat: what of the blocking ice in this scenario
may it block again
me: all ices that block once are never to block again
re: hidden/re-hidden ice
this is called the "creative vengeance corollary"
or CVC ice
this way, the hidden ices can be consumed rather than passed around
Palubat: i'm glad this has all been ironed out
me: I mean, the blog itself does not approve, I'm sure
but fuck them
their constitution is flawed
Palubat: they are merely the forefathers of the movement. the constitution is malleable
me: indeed


Illex said...

perfection. This is a day that shall be remembered forever amongst bros.

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