May 17, 2010

What We've Learned So Far

I am obsessed with THIS. The full rules are here and here. I know it looks stupid, but it is dominating my life. So much so, that I have been trying to find ways to make the game better. You see, there is a discrepancy in the rules on "ice-blocking" that have been plaguing me and my bros. So, I tried to hash it out with my bro, Matt.

(Transcribed from Twitter)
Matt: (I think) blocking rules are murky @beardsinc

--Four different ice-block rules I've seen: both chug, no chugs, blocked bro chugs and blocked bro chugs both. I vote for option one. @matt_t
--My only problem is, where is the reward for the blocker? Another question: can you block a hidden ice? Who drinks then?
--Lastly, if a bro blocks a bro, should the blocked bro have to drink his bro's ice? Or does he drink his own? So many questions.
--My thoughts on the bro-ice scandal: Blocked bro drinks the ice of the blocker's choice and blocker has the option of "twicing."
--Thoughts on the bro-ice scandal: Hidden ices can be blocked, but must be re-hidden for hilarity. "Creative Vengeance" corollary.
--Thoughts on the bro-ice scandal: Any time the "creative vengeance corollary" is used, it cannot be blocked. It must be marked as a CVC ice.
--Last question on #brosicingbros. Can a bro block an ice with a different-sized ice? Can my 12-oz. block an ICE WHALE or 22?

I like blocked bro has to chug both. That way the blocking bro can't just keep blocking all night. Both chugging would work too.

Jarf: The "twicing" option would then be moot, eh? I'm cool with it, but that could potentially be as much as 80 oz of ICE. Yikes.

I think a bigger ice trumps. The ice whale is king.

For those not in the know, the ICE WHALE is a 40 oz Ice. It's legal to use, but rare and quite a shitty thing to do to someone. I am in favor of a reversal ice, but in an OPTIONAL twicing (administering two ices to one bro) on an ice block. Even if the bro keeps his block ice, that's his strategical choice. If both guys chug, that defeats the purpose of blocking. The power of the Bros Icing Bros constitution is it's simplicity: it allows future generations to change certain rules to alter their enjoyment of a vastly entertaining game. However, it is imperative that we figure out a rule of law for today's generation before it is too late. I am firmly in one camp: a blocker chooses to twice or to keep his block. It was a smart bro that brought an ice block and I cannot take away options from a bro with smarts. It just ain't right.

The other point: blocking creatively placed ices. I've been blocked on a creative ice, but no one drank. This is impossible. Thus, the "Creative Vengeance Corollary." If you provide evidence of an ice block on a creative ice, you then have to re-hide the ice (creatively) and note that the ice is a CVC or Corollary Ice. This ice cannot be blocked.

Bro(ther)s, let's ban together for the cause. Please discuss freely in the comments.

(Note: bro iced in above photo is my bro. I took the picture, even.)


CLARE. said...

The Ice block is an example of a Hegelian dialectic. From Wikipedia: "Another important principle for Hegel is the negation of the negation, which he also terms Aufhebung (sublation): Something is only what it is in its relation to another, but by the negation of the negation this something incorporates the other into itself."

The first problem of the Ice block is deciding who is the IcER and who is the IcEE. Is the bro who attempts the initial icing the IcER? When the Ice Block is deployed, does he then become the IcEE? He cannot be two things at once, but according to Hegel, he is.

To resolve this question, we turn to the Ice itself. As I said to Jarf on Twitter, "If you Ice block, the reversal should be that the blockEE [the initial IcER] should drink whichever Ice is larger or the grosser flavor."

Illex said...

As far as blocking goes you have to have a bigger or equal ice, you can't block a 22 ounce ice with a 12 ounce ice.

As far as blocking goes, I like the option of "twicing" but I wouldn't say its mandatory. If I blocked my bro I'd want the chance to ice a different bro, but perhaps that ice would be "tainted" and couldn't be used for another block so you couldn't be a bitch and just block ices all night.

Now a question for the esteemed icers: I have a bro has enjoyed ice since college. He even got a 6 pack for a party we were having once. I wanted to ice him this weekend, but assumed he didn't know about icing and probably just would have thought I was buying him a drink.

Can you ice your ice loving bro? Or should I just find other bros/babes who aren't 'bitches' that really enjoy ice?

BurritoBrosShits said...

Twicing just sounds fair to me, but I think having the Ice on the Icee is the point of the block in the first place, so thus the Icee should be allowed to keep his/her block. I don't think the Icee should forsake his sacrifice Ice for the sake of blocking the Ice. The Ice stays with the Icee for subsequent blocks.

If you have an Ice loving bro, dump his ass.

Denny said...

I think CLARE. and Illex have excellent points. Bro who gets blocked has to take the worse of the two ices (larger/grosser) and can't be blocked by a smaller ice.

@ Illex re: bro who already likes ice - I think you need to find a replacement drink to "ice" him/her, as in a "real" drink that they don't like. Or just dump his ass.

Twicing seems a bit vindictive.