Aug 3, 2010


I like Metal, Baseball, and Key Lime Pie. I saw the Mentors live one time at the Metroplex in Atlanta. I drove across the country and got 2 flat tires and had a Uhaul tire pass me on I-10 in Baton Rouge. Jeff Hanneman burped in my ear on the 'South of Heaven' tour. I met Alex Tenta over the self-titled Keel album at the U. of Miami in 1990 - one time he took off with my car and 3 girls at a party and left me behind. I'm still mad. Gene Simmons said Joy the Bug was 'close but no guitars' - Itunes cranks the Bug. I like to go to the beach and drink Fat Tire. My Grandpa is 92 and says 'the older the bull, the stiffer the horn'. Matteuzzi has the stuff of legends - best closing percentage in the majors. I lived in Atlanta, NJ, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles. SF was cold and the people colder. Tiff is sweet (and lives in SF). I had a Beagle named Dodger (RIP). We watched baseball together - he lived in Miami, LA, SF and liked the movie 'Smack My Whobblers.' One time I met Mike Piazza at a Slayer concert in '95 in West Palm Beach - he was wearing a lot of denim. I HATE cats bats and have a vision of feline typhoid fever ridding the world of these horrible an

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Michael5000 said...

am pro-bat and I vote.