Sep 5, 2010

A Collection of Quote

"The biggest problem I have with this "foodie"-ism is the lack of a sense of humor. You know? Those foodies who don't have a sense of humor and who are angry or proprietary about their choices. That's less fun. People who collect dining experiences like butterfly collectors rather than enthusiasts. But I think anyone who's genuinely taking pleasure in food -- and not just food in a vacuum -- is something that a lot of foodies miss. If you're using food to fill up an empty spot in your soul or your social life [laughs] and you're collecting these experiences so you can bludgeon people with them online, then clearly there's something distorted there."


I love food. I have even learned to talk about it on a fundamental level. This is, easily, the most rational and brilliant argument I have heard against people like myself deciding I can control how others feel about food. This is becoming a real blog post, so here's some random shit I found:

piza biscuit

That is all.

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Michael5000 said...

Food is good.