Sep 20, 2010

See What I Did There

Taking of two tales:

The new, desired settlement,
the massive undertakings,
they are construction elements
and detailed morosely.

If we are the camera eye,
then let the dose passively
travel the bloodstream; posit
in aorta pearls and bloodcots.

Oh derelict, oh vaguery,
oh national pillars, oh ire,
oh separation, we create
the microcosm of design.

Caress the linguists, they
need touch. Canvas the
countryside, it needs the
cloth like beads their string.

This, this needless nonsense
is over. Needles or no: simple
directive is to ignore the
previous stanzas reasonably.

Right, and the second tale is
one of tentacles, clutching and
violent currents stretching us
toward better-written ideas.

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